11 January 2007

and a warm welcome to Gil Rice

here is correspondence I have had with our latest new member, Gil!
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Subject: peter symonds nostalgia corner

hi Wchair!
I am pleased to welcome you to the club. I hope you can join in. How about telling us something about yourself and when you were at the school?
best regards,
Jim wishart, joint manager
Hi Jim,
I have joined the group and have had a confirmation from MSN Groups, however when I access the group and click on General photos none are displayed which is a shame as I was at the school during the period that Dr. Freeman was headmaster and also EOJones was my Latin master so it would have been particularly nice to be able to see them. [I am hoping that these will be retrieved soon, jim]
I have changed my profile in the group so that it's more up to date so  my new nickname is Pud - Gil.  Pud was my nickname at school and for a few years after.  Currently I am known as Gil.
I attended the school when it was a grammar school and was there from 1949 to 1954.  I left to join the  RAF in boy service.  I served in the RAF until 1966 and in 'civvy' street joined ICL as an engineer.  My wife and I moved to Dorset in 1985 where I had a job with Plessey as a Principal Technical Lecturer on Data Comms and Traffic Control Systems.
I had to take early retirement through having a form of Motor Neurone Disease.  It started in 1991 and I left work in 1995.  I know have main interests in water colour painting and Home Computing.  The disease has led me to talents I didn't realise I had.  I belong to our local branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association and since joining have set up and maintain their website at www.mndedorsetandnforest.org.uk so I'm always busy doing something.
Strangely enough I remember very few of  my school friends that were in my class/classes as I progressed there so I'm not too bothered about establishing contact with school friends unless anybody remembers me  then they could email me but at 68 I doubt any  would remember me either.
It was purely by accident that I found the 'nostalgia group' but I'm glad that I did and I hope that I can find a way to get the photos displayed.
Best regards and hope to hear from you again.
Gil Rice

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