Saturday, 6 January 2007

Re: Jim

Note: forwarded message attached.
When I sent this the first time, it FAILED ...
The reason is, the automatically generated return address is incorrect, in as much that the .(dot) has been missed out in the address between msn and com ...
I have copied and pasted below so that you can see ...
petersymondswinchesterunofficialnostalgiacorner@ groups.msncom
(Life wasn't meant to be easy !!!)

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  1. Well, we will try again, because when I got my e-mail back through the group, the forwarded message WASN'T attached, even though it said it was, so I will assume no-one got it !!! ... as I said, "Life wasn't meant to be easy" ...    Here it is:-   HI Jim   Firstly, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Members ... may it prove to be a good one for you all ...   Well Jim, as you say, the reply from MSN looks like a 'standard' one, but none the less, quite promising ... at least they appear to have acknowledged the problem exists and that it is THEIRS !!! ...   Keep at it (them) for all of our sakes, as I know you will ...   All the best from West Oz   Doug Clews (Assistant Manager) Send instant messages to your online friends


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